Amelia Lawton BA (Hons)


Amelia has worked at Pre-school since October 2010. Amelia has previous experience through employment at a pre-school just outside the county.Amelia delivers 'Fun Train' at local village halls promoting a love of music and movement from babies through to toddlers. She brings energy and enthusiasm to the team. She is a part time member of staff regulary answering an early morning call to cover staff absence. Amelia has a great understanding of child development through her work and as a parent of three young children. She contributes to staff meetings and decision making and is happy to challenge ideas to achieve best practise. With a wealth of experience working with additional and special needs, Amelia has taken on the role of setting SENCO.

During the COVID 19 lockdown and in the following weeks Amelia has continued to work with her keychildrens families promoting enthusiasm to use the activities posted on Tapestry accounts.

  • NVQ Level 3
  • Paediatric First Aid
  • BA (Hons) Dance
  • Child Protection
  • Prevent Duty Training
  • Attachment Theory
  • Channel General Awareness
  • Fun with Fingers
  • Magic of Maths
  • Safeguarding children in education
  • Prime Importance of Communication and Language
  • Early Years Social Emontional and Mantal Well Being
  • E-CAT
  • Funtrain Franchise Partner and Faclitator

E-Learning through the COVID-19 Lockdown

Effective Safeguarding Practice (revised 2019)
Prevent Duty and Safeguarding against Radicalisation
Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning
Autism Awareness
Understanding Child Development
Improving Childrens Learning through Play
Supporting Early Language Development