Lynn Millen

Deputy Supervisor

Lynn has worked at Pre-school since January 2000

Over the years Lynn has embarked on Professional development and completed a Foundation Degree in  Early Years Studies. Lynn is a senior member of staff with a wealth of experience in working towards the best outcomes for children and families. Lynn has been involved with transitions to school for children with additional needs. Her engagement in this are has made her a strong ambassador for the work we do in Early Years.

As a keyperson Lynn creates strong working relationships with her keychildrens parents and carers ensuring the interests of the child are at the forefront of her planning.

Lynn regularly takes a lead position in sessions and enjoys supporting all staff.

  • Diploma in Pre-School Practice (Level 3)
  • Early Years Foundation Degree (Level 5)
  • Introduction to Pre-School Practice
  • Equal opportunities awareness
  • Pediatrics First aid
  • Guide to action planning workshops
  • Child Protection
  • Management of Children’s Behaviour
  • Creativity in the Early Years
  • The Picture Exchange Communication System
  • Record of Transfer
  • Birth to Three
  • Kent Foundation Stage
  • ' Inclusion' PECS (picture exchange communication system)
  • Supporting Autism
  • Safe Guarding Children
  • My Unique Story
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Sparkles Early Mark Making
  • Safe Guarding - Information Sharing, Data Protection and Consent
  • Attachment Theory
  • Prevent Duty Training
  • Positive Handling
  • G.D.P.R essential for schools
  • Managing Positive Behaviour
  • Early Years Social Emotional and Mental Well Being
  • E-CAT
  • Early Talk Boost - I CAN