Theresa George

Deputy Manager / DSL

Theresa has been a member of our team since January 1997.

More info: 

Theresa keeps abreast of changes in legislation and is involved in auditing various areas of the setting to ensure we maintain a fresh and exciting environment.  She is excellent at looking from the childs perspective. Theresa supports the management with her research into the 'Tapestry' analysis tools and offers ideas to implement with observation and planning.

Theresa has a strong quiet demeanor and excellent at promoting confidence and self esteem across the setting. During the COVID 19 lockdown Theresa has been instrumental in promoting families involvement on their 'Online Journals'.


  • Diploma in Pre-School Practice (Level 3)
  • Introduction to Pre-School Practice
  • Paediatric First aid
  • Creativity workshops
  • Autism Awareness
  • Record of Transfer
  • Birth to Three
  • A.D.H.D. Awareness programme
  • Kent Foundation Stage
  • 'Playing with sounds'
  • Safe Guarding Children
  • My Unique Story
  • Sign and Say
  • Child Protection
  • Records of Transfer
  • Playing with Sounds
  • Safe Guarding - Information Sharing, Data Protection and Consent
  • Maths Workshop
  • Prevent Duty Training
  • Born to move (movement and interaction) for brain development
  • Emotional Regulation and Managing Behaviour
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • Food Safety Hygiene L2
  • The Linguistic Child Loving Language
  • Exploring Development Matters
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder
  • I CAN early talk boost
  • Mindfulness Diploma
  • Creating a effective communication and language enviroment
  • How to observe and asses childrens learning and progress in the EYFS
  • Early Years Making Sense of Autism 2023

E-Learning through the COVID-19 Lockdown

  • Effective Safeguarding Practice (revised 2019)
  • Characteristics of Effective Teaching and Learning
  • Infection, Prevention and Control in an Early Years Setting
  • Speech Language and Communication
  • Effective use of Early Years Pupil Premium
  • Introducing Yoga with Young Children
  • Addressing Behavior in Early Years
  • Prevent Duty in the Early Years Environment
  • Providing a Healthy Food Environment in Early Years Settings
  • Improving Childrens learning Through Play
  • Implementing the G.D.P.R.