The Team


My previous experience in child care and development has been achieved through child minding, during my own childrens younger years. Watching children develop at different stages was fascinating so it seemed natural to develop my own understanding with further study and training.

I have been the proud owner of the Pre-school for the last 20 years.We are fortunate to have a strong and loyal staff, many have been with me from the start. It is a delight to work in a setting based in the village where I grew up and now we have moved onto the primary school site , the school I attended many years ago.

It is a priviledge to work in Early Years, often being the first adults outside the family to support and influence childrens development.

I am the Ashford Rep for the Provider Association with The Education People and Vice Chair on the Ashford Early Years Collaboration which ensures we access relevant training alongside practitioners throughout 25 other Early Years Providers.

Early Years Teacher / Deputy Manager

Tracey has worked at the Pre-school since February 1999

As Deputy Manager Tracey endeavours to keep abreast of changes in legislation and good practise. Her dedication to promote and achieve strong partnerships with parents and families is evidence of her committment to childrens well being. She completed a Foundation Degree in Early Years Studies and then went on to acheive a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years Studies, which enabled her to qualify for the Early Years Teacher Status. Tracey ensures the latest information is posted on our website and facilitates our Facebook page. Tracey has been proactive with introducing 'Tapestry' ( an online assessment tool ) to the setting. Tracey is the 'go to' person for parents when setting their PIN access. She mentors all staff on how to use Tapestry and facilitates the analysis section so that childrens progress is tracked regularly.

Recently Tracey and her partner have become 'foster carers' and have welcomed a long term child into their family. Tracey is the second D.S.L for the pre-school and has experience in attending child protection conferences.

During the COVID 19 lockdown Tracey supported all staff with their Tapestry online accounts, helping them load activities for families, researching and implementing videos and organising 'Zoom' staff meetings. In addition we decided a modified transition report would be relevant for the 2020 leavers cohort. Tracey has spent some time looking at how we will use this and include parents views.

Deputy Supervisor

Lynn has worked at Pre-school since January 2000

Over the years Lynn has embarked on Professional development and completed a Foundation Degree in  Early Years Studies. Lynn is a senior member of staff with a wealth of experience in working towards the best outcomes for children and families. Lynn has been involved with transitions to school for children with additional needs. Her engagement in this are has made her a strong ambassador for the work we do in Early Years.

As a keyperson Lynn creates strong working relationships with her keychildrens parents and carers ensuring the interests of the child are at the forefront of her planning.

Lynn regularly takes a lead position in sessions and enjoys supporting all staff.

As we made our phased return to pre-school, post Covid 19 lockdown, Lynn has contributed to planning on how we move forward. Her reflective practice and engagement with families has boosted parents confidence. Her relationship with children and staff is inspiring.

In 2021 Lynn will be attending Designated Safeguarding Lead training and stepping up to be a setting DSL to support management.

Deputy Supervisor

Theresa has been a member of our team since January 1997. She brings a wealth of experience. Theresa keeps abreast of changes in legislation and is involved in auditing various areas of the setting to ensure we maintain a fresh and exciting environment.  She is excellent at looking from the childs perspective. Theresa supports the management with her research into the 'Tapestry' analysis tools and offers ideas to implement with observation and planning.

Theresa has a strong quiet demeanor and excellent at promoting confidence and self esteem across the setting.
During the COVID 19 lockdown Theresa has been instrumental in promoting families involvement on their 'Online Journals'.


Amelia has worked at Pre-school since October 2010. Amelia has previous experience through employment at a pre-school just outside the county.Amelia delivers 'Fun Train' at local village halls promoting a love of music and movement from babies through to toddlers. She brings energy and enthusiasm to the team. She is a part time member of staff regulary answering an early morning call to cover staff absence. Amelia has a great understanding of child development through her work and as a parent of three young children. She contributes to staff meetings and decision making and is happy to challenge ideas to achieve best practise. With a wealth of experience working with additional and special needs, Amelia has taken on the role of setting SENCO.

During the COVID 19 lockdown and in the following weeks Amelia has continued to work with her keychildrens families promoting enthusiasm to use the activities posted on Tapestry accounts.

During the Spring Term 2021 Amelia has taken on the role of setting SENCO Special Educational Needs Coordinator.


Deb has worked at Pre-school since September 2003. Deb is qualified as a practitioner holding a level 3 in childcare and development. She has a group of keychildren who thrive under her observation and planning. Deb takes pride in helping all children reach there full potential. With a family of her own she has many years expereince to draw on and often puts forward ideas to expand childrens development. 

Deb spends part of her week in the reception class and is a familiar face as we take the next years children in for shared learning. 

During the COVID 19 lockdown and as we move through a ohased return, Deb has stayed connected to her keychildren ensuring continuity for those off to school in September.


Pip joined us in October 2017. She had expressed a wish to return to Early Years and applied for the role of Practioner when a vacancy arose.

She holds a Diploma in Nursery Nursing.

Pip has three children the youngest of which has just entered reception so not only does Pip have qualifications but also current, first hand experience of Early Years and child development through the eyes of a parent.

Pip has attended training and workshops during her time at previous settings and has already begun updating these, most recently Child Protection.

We are delighted that Pip has joined us and look forward to supporting her through continuous professional development.

We are jointly supporting Pip as she takes on her first keychildren. 

As we return to Pre-school in the summer term post Covid 19 LOCKDOWN Pip has taken on a subject to support childrens well being using 'Yoga' .During the sessions Pip finds a moment to introduce breathing exercises, stretching and introduces mindfulness with music and colouring patterns.


Jemma joined us during the summer term 2018 and now that her two boys are in full time educatioin Jemma has taken on regular hours.

Jemma holds a level 3 in Early Years and also has qualified as a T.A. in schools. 

Jemma has taken on key children and is successfully supporting their development, engaging with parents so that she can be informed. She is active at staff meetings and has added ideas to the curriculum. 

Jemma has been working on her keychildren journals throughout the COVID 19 lockdown and been involved in stories, videos and activities. As we return to pre-school Jemma has engaged with all children and families supporting them in moving forward with particular attention to well being. Her gentle demeanor has supported children as they return.


Ed joined us at St Michaels Pre-school this September 2019.

As a qualified Primary school teacher with a Degree in English, Ed has often visited the setting for story telling during his childrens' time with us. 

We are delighted to welcome Ed and know that he brings a new dynamic to our provision. Ed enjoys his role as house parent being involved in all aspects of his childrens development. and as a part time tutor he is well versed in safeguarding policy and practise.

During the period of Covid 19 lockdown , Ed has been immersed in video productions for the childrens online accounts. His story telling has kept families engaged in their childrens they await the next one.